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Jerre 7th June 2011 08:06

hwbot: amd competition
i guess all of you know of the AMD-competition.

i think it's a good opportunity to remove those old PC's down from the attic :).

I started OC'ing a Sempron +2400 without much succes. I use a Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe (without wifi-add-on). The sempron quits posting at 220 Mhz FSB and 1.750 Vcore.


The maximum frequency we notched when overclocking our processor was 225MHz. We booted up the OS a couple of times at higher frequencies, but the 225MHz FSB was the maximum stable clock rate. That’s right – higher clock rates require higher voltage on the North Bridge and this mainboard doesn’t allow raising that.

So if any of you guys know a hack how to overcome this problem, i guess i'm stuck with an OC of 210-220 Mhz FSB and memory (PC3200 - brand: Aqpi or the sort) running at 100% CL 6-3-3-2.5.

I can try switching CPU's (Athlon +1800 and +2000), but i guess i'll be hitting the FSB-wall rather quickly. (Or i can try using another MSI motherboard).

I had better hopes OC'ing my old K6-2 400. After some attempts fidling with the dip-switches (yeah, switches on the motherboard ;-)), i ended up with a multi 4.5 and FSB 112 Mhz. I use 133 Mhz ram, so no problem there. The problem upping the FSB is that i cannot lock the AGP-bus @66 Mhz. (Soyo SY-5EHM motherboard).

I lapped the CPU and cooler and applied Arctic Silver (best imo). The PC comes through post, but i didn't find a compatible keyboard and mouse :mad:

jmke 7th June 2011 09:55

For the A7N8X, don't know if it uses same chips as: ; vcore & vmem mod inside

geoffrey 7th June 2011 10:04

anything I can help you with, I have collected lots of antique stuff...

Jerre 7th June 2011 10:12

i think it's the same board, but at the moment i don't have droop or the sort, it just won't go over 220 Mhz FSB. I don't have the required hardware to make Vmod's.

When i have some spare time i'll install other Athlon XP's instead of the sempron and the other S462 mobo.

I'll see if i can unlock the sempron's multiplier.

edit: since my mb has a nforce2 chipset, it is hardly possible to unlock the sempron. I'll have to search for my other s462 mb.

geoffrey 8th June 2011 23:52

something to get you started, 3941pts, xp-m@2300MHz / 9800PRO

Jerre 9th June 2011 07:55

still struggling to boot the Sempron 2400... crappy cpu/memory combo. It fails at 220 FSB and memory at 100% speed.

i'm going to install my GeiL DDR's which are fairly good oc'ers (450-460 Mhz at 6-3-3-2.5) and take another run at it.

geoffrey 9th June 2011 09:36

well my setup isn't completely hassle free either, I can run benchmarks fine the one moment while the day after the machine just refuses to get through POST.
generally speaking 220MHz fsb is the wall for many NF2 boards without mods, I use 8rdaVcore software to software tweak the FSB up to the desired speeds.

Massman 9th June 2011 09:53

Link, for those who need it:

Jerre 9th June 2011 22:20

frack, my K6-2 fails @ installing winXP :(

luck is not on my side...

Jerre 10th June 2011 22:41

hehe, made my submission. Do any of you guys have a K6-III or K6II+ >500 Mhz?

I didn\'t get mine over 500 Mhz, i got thru post, but xp didn\'t run at these settings...

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