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Rufus 17th October 2008 16:37

How to get E8400 over 4Ghz

I have my E8400 on 4Ghz stable.

Now i want to take him over the 4Ghz, but i cant seem to get him stable.

My specs are:
cpu: E8400 (WC stressed below 50)
Mobo: P5E
Ram: Corsair domminator pc 8500
Vga: 4870 512Mb (soon WC 4870X2)

My bios settings are:
fsb on 445x9
mem on 533 (pc8500)
PCI on 100
ram timings manual on 5 5 5 15
Vcore on 1,425
Nb on 1,39
mem on 2,1
All the rest on auto

What can i do to get over 4Ghz.

Ps. Does anyone know what blocks i need to cool my mobo with WC.

supershanks 19th October 2008 12:47

It may be your memory ratio that's causing issues. Have you tried droppimng multi & running with a higher FSB ?
For example 7.5x535 = 4012 , with memory at 1:1

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