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Da_BoKa 23rd July 2004 23:26

how do you keep you pc room cold ( folding room )
i'm having 2 pc's here in my room who are folding 24/7 but tonight i have to shut them down tonight because it's getting to :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: hot in here

i keep my window open but it dousn't help a lot, so how do you keep you're room at a nice tempature? do you phase change it :D ? or just a plain fan blowing air into the room

0rbi 23rd July 2004 23:35

the trick with aircooling is this, you need to get fresh cold air in, and hot air out and banished :) not just blow some random air on the heatsinks from wherever you like.
if the room is filled with only hot air, you've got a problem you can't fix unless you go buy yourself an airco :p
i have the same problem, my cpu was heating up real bad (it was on 58c stressed) because it was so damn hot, i could only blow hot air trough the heatsink, so i decieded to take watercooling and isolate my reservoir so when it gets warmer inside the room, the watertemp wont change much, im gonna start on it tomorrow ;)

about making your place cooler, dont open one window but open several and let the wind raze trough your house :D
(wc with isolated res is a cooler idea ;) )

wutske 23rd July 2004 23:42

at night I change the FSB to 185 and the VCore to 1.5V( 1.46 real), instead of 200fsb with 1.65 (1.6 real). Saves 18W and runs a lot cooler :D . For the rest I keep my window open (my room has only one that can open :( ), and over day, door open and window open.

Da_BoKa 24th July 2004 00:00

i broke my wc pump so i'm on aircooling atm and i only have 1 window that i can open and the pc is at that window

FreeStyler 24th July 2004 01:37

I got 2 windows in the roof (yea I'm in an attic) and they are both open.
The stairs down are open, and there is a window open on the first floor.

Result, it doesn't help sh|t and it gets bl00dy hot in here.
I need airco, but I've been saying that for 2 years already.

wutske 24th July 2004 10:11

I've been saying that to for a few years. My room (attic too) is all day long in the sun :(

Vulk 24th July 2004 13:55

My parents are on vacation so I sleep in an other room right now;

Sidney 24th July 2004 17:30

W/C or Air Cool; heat from heatsink and radiator ends up filling the room.

Your PC chassis is no different than a house; some are built with good ventilation and some are not. Having a lot of windows in the house does not guarantee a cool house. Proper Attic vent; venting below the roof line to ensure hot air (rises) to the top is extracted out of the house and the shape of the roof to ensure proper air stream principle will reduce heat.

So, W/C, Vapor chill. and air cooling have the same effect warming your room.;)

kr15t0f 24th July 2004 18:07

door and window open, the wind blows right true my room.

biCker 24th July 2004 18:18


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