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redmanmark 21st October 2005 22:33

Helping finding a HSF
hi everyone,
i have been reading reviews of HSF for ages now trying to find a replacement for my stock fan on my intel p4 prescott 3.0ghz.

basically im not to bothered about overclocking and i dont want utter silence,i just want a HSF that wont the moment i go to play a game starting to sound like a bowin 747 and then once i stop sound fine again.

now i found loads of great HSF the only problem is i have a HP made computer and its a mini ATX case and its a pain in the arse to get a motherboard out so i want one that basically wont require me to remove my motherboard to change the backplate, also i dont think it could fit in a 120mm one,i wish it could or i would get the big typhoon.

i did get the Artic ATI silencer 5 rev 2 and i got to say with its fan on 100% i still dont notice it.

thanks,any help appreciated.


Sidney 21st October 2005 22:57


have been reading reviews of HSF for ages
Still couldn't decide?:)

redmanmark 21st October 2005 23:00

by the way i got the ati silencer obviously for my graphic card,i was just using it as an example of what sound level i dont mind.

and my socket is a 775 and noi cant decide so any help appreciated.

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