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sirius 9th August 2007 13:58

Help with watercooling 8800GTX
Just recently bought a Sparkle 8800GTX and it's :woot: wayyy to hot :no:

I know nothing about watercooling... so a lil help would be much appreciated.
Video watercooling only, coz everything else is already chill :)

jmke 9th August 2007 14:04

define "way too hot" ?

Afaik stock cooler keeps the GPU cool enough and if you have good case airflow, the fan doesn't even make much noise

sirius 9th August 2007 14:08

Idle around 55C and on load above 66C. It made my pc ~10C hotter.


Hmm... Strange thing that I didn't really hear the GTX :) Which is good. My airflow?? Well. To be honest I didn't really work on that :P I need some additional coolers.

jmke 9th August 2007 14:34

66C is cool; don't worry, as long as your GPU temp stays below 80C your fan won't speed up and remain silent :)

sirius 9th August 2007 14:54

That's good to know :)

lcx 25th August 2007 19:48

suggest go for ZALMAN one~~

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