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slvrl7 14th June 2006 07:49

Help overclocking my thorton sempron 2200
My sempron 2200+ at 1500 Mhz help how
to overclock it

jmke 14th June 2006 08:34

what motherboard do you have, that's always a good start to include that in your post.

power supply
video card


slvrl7 14th June 2006 17:30

MS 7061\KM400
400 watt psu
Geforce 6200 128Mb DDR
756 (256 advance module 200mhz)
(512 kingston 166 mhz)

jmke 14th June 2006 18:06

neither motherboard or memory is really very OC friendly as you are limited by the lowest/slowest part in your system which is the 512MB kingston rated at only PC2700/166Mhz

the VIA KM400 chipset is not the most OC friendly either, so I'm afraid overclocking with that setup will do little good as you'll hit a wall (maximum stable speed) very quickly with little to no increase in overall performance

slvrl7 14th June 2006 18:43

in my frequency\voltage control at my bios setup does not show any voltage control it
only show (auto detect DIMM) and
(spread spectrum) is that mean no overclocking for me

jmke 14th June 2006 18:44


Originally posted by slvrl7
is that mean no overclocking for me
I'm afraid so; these motherboards are not known for having good OC features; next system make sure to look into the BIOS options of the motherboard before you buy:)

slvrl7 14th June 2006 18:52

Mobo NVIDIA nForce 590 SLI is this mobo ready for extreme overclocking.
can you give me the info about this mobo

jmke 14th June 2006 18:54

that's the chipset, it's most expensive and newest one from NVIDIA, can be found with all major motherboard makers like Asus, MSI, Epox, Abit, DFI... it has excellent overclocking features but your Sempron is socket A; the 590 SLI is socket AM2 so new CPU and memory will be needed

I would wait until after the summer before upgrade as prices will go down for both AMD and Intel CPUs

slvrl7 14th June 2006 19:01

right now how much this mobo cost

jmke 14th June 2006 19:05

mobo alone is $200+ at least, not the best choice at the moment; not very budget friendly, unless you have a lot of money to spare:)

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