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Gamer 30th May 2004 13:45

having fun with Prescott
looks like I have a winner :grin:
done with SLK800 with no name fan @ 12v

Gamer 30th May 2004 13:45

and it's running hot :)

Gamer 30th May 2004 13:49

time to bring out the Prometeia :)

if this would be bootable in windows, I might keep this one.

The Senile Doctor 30th May 2004 13:49

how high does it take windows? and primestability?
slap on the sp97 with a 92mm!

it's a 3.0? did you ditch the northy 3.0?
73 degrees is...whoohhaaaaaaoooooott

maybe 4.5 with a prommy...
however, it still won't beat a 2.7 ghz a64 :(

Gamer 30th May 2004 13:52

no HDD attached, so can't try it out.
next week.

SP94 has already a 92mm fan on it, but it's mounted on my Northwood :)

The Senile Doctor 30th May 2004 13:53

you kept both, I see.

Gamer 30th May 2004 13:54

yep, wanted to sell this Prescott, but I'm going to play with it first :)

would a reinstall be needed if I change the P4C800 to IC7-Max3 ?
you did that already no ?

jmke 30th May 2004 13:57

nope, not needed afaik

The Senile Doctor 30th May 2004 14:00

no reinstall,went like a charm. never any problems

Gamer 30th May 2004 14:01

it has the same chip, so I would be possible.
maybe I'll try it out.


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