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Teemto 16th August 2010 23:10

Gigabyte GV-R587D5-1GD-B 900MHz core limit
Hi guys,

I'm maxed out on my core slider for my second HD5870 : Gigabyte GV-R587D5-1GD-B. It doesn't go above 900MHz in catalyst and of course I'd like to go higher. |D
Is it possible to reflash it with another bios that'll let increase the core clock?
If so anyone got one that I can use?
Memory max slider range is 1300 and i'm currently at the normal 1200 so there I still have some room.


Teemto 17th August 2010 22:34

Problemo solved. Found one unlocked HD5870 bios from MSI.
Reflashed the card and range is now 1800 for core and 2600 for mem. over the previous 900/1300.
So enough headroom, only hope that the card feels the same way.

Teemto 18th August 2010 23:10

Now running 950/1300 on both cards. 3DMark Vantage stable.:woot:

Teemto 21st August 2010 23:53

Squeezed out at bit more out of the MSI+Gigabyte setup : 955/1325:-p

Gamer 22nd August 2010 08:43

Results ?

wutske 22nd August 2010 08:47


Originally Posted by Teemto (Post 261858)
Squeezed out at bit more out of the MSI+Gigabyte setup : 955/1325:-p

Don't forget to submit to HWBot ;)

Teemto 22nd August 2010 10:24

960/1325 seems to be the limit without voltage increase.
26891 3DMark Vantage points.
(It's on HWbot :) )

bugisa 25th August 2010 23:42

I have the same graphics card as you have the reflesh

Gamer 25th August 2010 23:54

Come again ?
You need to flash your card or what ?

bugisa 26th August 2010 00:03

that I wanted to reflesh with the new bios as Teemto
interested in how he did it to you from windows or botcd
I can not from win7x64 tried to report an error botcd Driver not found 'MSCD001'

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