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Massman 19th May 2009 21:34

[GD70] - AM3 and DDR3, time to apply DDR2 timings.
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I really want to explain this title more, but my free time is quite limited these days. In short: you might want to lower timings instead of increasing the memory frequency when running Phenom2 and DDR3. Tony (from OCZ) has been testing the influence of the memory frequency in comparison to lowering the timings, here are the results:

The OCZ Blades are quite suited for the low-latency work: 700MHz CL5 at 1.65v :-).

jmke 19th May 2009 21:55

this comes as no surprise
AMD CPUs have always liked lower timings vs higher speed afaik :)

blind_ripper 20th May 2009 05:27


Originally Posted by jmke (Post 238206)
this comes as no surprise
AMD CPUs have always liked lower timings vs higher speed afaik :)

treu and not treu john ;), it change's from bench mark to benchmark back in the 939socket time.
exampel. 05 with TCCD @ 300+mhz 2.5-3.3.8 orso would have killed BH-5 @ 270mhz 2-2-2-5. both 1T, but then again in 01 BH-5 owned. the bench just loved it.

that a good exampel :), its now with 3gb kits vs 6gb kits in 32M superPI.
the 6gb give's u the edge there, thoughe i could not test any my self. i would like to know what other benches benefet from it :D.

Massman 20th May 2009 09:29

900MHz CL7 at 1,65v.

Massman 20th May 2009 11:16

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Last screen from yesterday: 1700CL6. Raised voltage to 1.7v to get it stable, but it seems that it's only stable in ganged mode.

moy2010 21st May 2009 23:53

Nice results :D. My kit is the OCZ 6GB 1866MHz 8-8-8-X, which I'll be testing soon.

About memory overclockability, it seems that the IMC in the new AM3 CPUs is better than the one on the old Phenoms (Phenom I).

Regards, Massman.

Massman 22nd May 2009 08:51

The results are good, but not excellent. I reckon the AM3 could benefit from 1GHz CL7 even in terms of latencies, but the current technology just doesn't allow us to go beyond 900MHz stable (and even that is quite difficult).

I'm not sure if it's IMC-quality related. I'd sure like to test (another) 955 to check if I can get >900MHz or not.

Massman 29th May 2009 22:23

Having spend a few minutes talking to Tony (OCZ) it became apparent that I actually need a 955 to get the most out of the memory. A 955 and ... colder temperatures.


Massman 30th May 2009 14:56

Just tried the setup under the Single Stage unit ... but 1800CL9 is as unstable as it's on air cooling. I'll have to switch to an 955 if I want to push the memories on this AM3 platform.

leeghoofd 30th May 2009 15:02

Maybe also 2 vs 4gb Massman ? puts more strain on the IMC ? Same as with the RE

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