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jort 15th December 2005 21:28

Gamer's prometeia Mach1 transforming to Mach2GT XT
It all started at msn, me offered Gamer a repair of his Prometeia Mach1.

Weeks passed, nights and days. but then someone showed up at my Door.Easypanic:D

He brought his unit together with the old beaten up Mach1, my job is to make it cool better then his Mach2 GT. So thats what i am going to Do:grin:

Lets spank it:spank:

The 3 year old coolingunit, dirty like hell. The first product of Nventiv, now its going to take a hunt at the latest.

Removed all the insulation so i could take a closer look at the piping and wire's.

The frontside of the unit, a brown radiator. Houston we got a smoker in the house:D
And the controller of the unit.(yes Gamer i did change the buzztemp from -50 to -70 :D

The power behind this beast, Danfoss NL11F!

The capillaire tube and the filter drier.

Cablemess aka brain behind all the electric stuff.

The evaporator revealed, took some time to remove all the PU foam:grum:

Gamer said there was a leak on this unit, so first thing to do :rolleyes: Find it:D

Putted some pressure on the unit and listened very carefull. I heared someone cheering. I sprayed some leakfindspray onto it and the leak revealed himself.

Opened it up.

Here i allready did some cleaning but you clearly can see the dirt.

Now this is something they always say, start with a clean base.

Placed it on top of the case, this way i can work on it without any problems.

Offcourse i cleaned the compressor too.

Because the stock flex line was broken i need to replace it with a new one, this is also a bigger one. The stock hose is 3/8", this is 1/2".

Brazed a copper pipe into it, this one is going inside the evaporator.

Routed a new copper suctionpipe, it is 3/8".

Brazed it all together and everything is almost ready to wait for the evap to arrive.

This hose is mutch stronger then the previous one.

Replaced back into his home, waiting for the parts.

40 cm of flexible hose, its the same like the mach2.

That was all for today, i'll update when i got the parts


jmke 15th December 2005 21:31

jort, if you ever consider going towards the Hardware Reviewer kind of town, we'll be glad to try and supply you with all the extreme hardware needs;)

Gamer 15th December 2005 21:51

Oh, my poor baby.....

looks like she got a beating in the 3 years she served me...

good job Jort, make her faster than my GT :)
I know you can do it :p

R507 and a new evaporator is all she needs to satify me ...

lol, you can see I'm a heavy smoker :D

jmke 15th December 2005 22:09


Originally posted by Gamer

lol, you can see I'm a heavy smoker :D

that radiator looks crap indeed, how many packs do you smoke/day? :p

Gamer 15th December 2005 22:18

just one :)

jort 15th December 2005 22:21

I'll do my best for this babyboy, the leak was not at the head, like you can see:D

jmke tnx for the offer but time and mood is needed.

I just love to work at phase-change units, so there is my time and the mood.

Damn Amd get my opteron back please:(


Gothrek 15th December 2005 22:43

Reviewing is a difficult thing, i would love it, if i had the time for it

jmke 15th December 2005 22:50

yah, so time consuming, it can be a full-time job.. easily; but there is no way to make a living from it, to pay rent/food, you need to be in [H]/Anand/TomsHW region for that. But we are drifting off-topic!

Jort when the Mach upgrade is done; maybe you could consider a test run with Petervandamned?

240Watt test? 07


jort 15th December 2005 22:52

What i do like is writing article's,

i have one ready but don't have green light to give it.

hint: 780 + lnē:)

jmke 15th December 2005 22:53

article is good too:) send me the link when it's ready

how high did you go with the CPU?:)

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