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Gamer 3rd November 2010 07:50

Gamer's Bench log.
Today :
Asus P4C800-e Deluxe with Pentium 4 S478 3.0 EO SL7PM = looks like a good overclocker.
Lots of points to grab here, 1512 submissions already made with this cpu.

Massman 3rd November 2010 08:29

Go Go Go

Gamer 3rd November 2010 09:02

Strange things here, I can bench at 15x266fsb without a hickup, but 15x267 doesn't boot.

Gonna try a new bios, 1023.001 seems borked.

leeghoofd 3rd November 2010 11:32

Darn you are gonna steal all of my easy points, I hate you :p

Give'm hell mr Aveve !!

Gamer 3rd November 2010 13:37

No way to get above 266fsb.
It even goes on stock voltage, so it's not the cpu.

Gamer 6th November 2010 23:37

Time to move on to S775 again.
Rex fixed, thanks to Rogier from Asus !!!

Got a nice pcmark05 already with OS on SSD 160 and 2 40Gb SSD's in raid.

Who needs acard :p

Gamer 10th November 2010 17:02

e8400 done
e6300 done

Next : 3D01 with e8600 GTX295 and 8800GT.
Got an other 8800GT inbound for SLI to get Leeghoofd's score down :)

leeghoofd 10th November 2010 18:40

Euh if that's the case I want my E8600 back !!

You twat !!

Did I do 8800GT in SLI ? didn't know that, GTS 512 yes

And your PCmark score sucks munkie bolls :p

(gewoon een kwestie van mekaar te motiveren John :p)

Gamer 10th November 2010 18:55

I know, ram isn't the best around.

It means you need to get back in gear Leeghoofd !!! :p

leeghoofd 10th November 2010 19:13

I'll await -60C outside and do some air damage

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