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FunSkilZZ 11th February 2013 23:14

FunSkiLZZ's Benchlog
So i just finished prepping my V gene for ln2, after a big mess with a UD5H i finally can get ready for my first solo sub-zero session.

here some pics from the prepping:

probably wednesday i wil have my dewar refilled :)

Gamer 15th February 2013 20:14

Nice, Gamer Style :)

FunSkilZZ 15th February 2013 20:31


Originally Posted by Gamer (Post 294087)
Nice, Gamer Style :)

yeah but lots of problems, leeghoofd hekped me but it wasnt a succes :mad:

Gamer 15th February 2013 21:09

What went wrong?

FunSkilZZ 15th February 2013 21:32

couldn't get the cpu higher than 5.6 :/
i already found out that i wasnt using good thermal paste :mad:
artic silver 5 :mad:
but the 00 boot code was gone now

Teemto 15th February 2013 23:01

Looks good. Do I spot some Patriot Viper RAM in the back?
Got the same ones :-)

FunSkilZZ 15th February 2013 23:34

i got the tip to use less "kneedgom" cause i got some weird freezes when i was in windows, and this had to to that the voltage condensators where getting to cold.


Originally Posted by Teemto (Post 294092)
Do I spot some Patriot Viper RAM in the back?
Got the same ones :-)

actually yes :p they are from my previous system :)

FunSkilZZ 22nd February 2013 19:12

tonight on bench rig : MSI NX8800GTS :woot:

Gamer 22nd February 2013 21:49

How did it go?

FunSkilZZ 22nd February 2013 22:48

stil busy :-p little delay with downloading the drivers, wasn't recieving internet in my benchroom :(

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