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JoniNItro 16th February 2004 02:14

First post so be nice, need help p4p800deluxe
Alright guys I need help oc this thing. I cant get above 250fsb. here are my current specs

Asus p4p800 Deluxe
2.6C@3.25 w/250fsb vcore 1.625
1gb Cosair VS pc333 5:4 2.5 3 3 6 vdram 2.65
28C idle never over 40C load

Is it my ram, I know its not the best but I read a guy that has a 2.4@3.2 with same ram. I want to get max stable/oc possible with the cpu if I need to upgrade ram let me know. Any other info you guys need. Thanks

Da_BoKa 16th February 2004 06:10

that is a nice oc for pc2700 ram, i wouldn't go any further wiht upping the vcore, because it's already high enough ( maybe drop it a little bit )
try upping the vdimm ( vdram like you say ), it can certainly handle 2.9v

and what cooling do you have?

JoniNItro 16th February 2004 11:18

oops sorry I have 400mhz ram sorry. Thinking about OCZ 1GB PC4000 Gold DDR Dual Channel

Gamer 16th February 2004 14:42

1:1 on tight timings is the best.
to bad that ram doesn't exist today.

maybe BH5 on 3.5vdimm :)

jmke 16th February 2004 14:57

make that 3.55 :)

The Senile Doctor 16th February 2004 15:09

unbelievable power huh...

FreeStyler 16th February 2004 23:21

but that's BH6

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