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windwithme 8th April 2005 04:34

The First nF4 board can reach both enabling COOL&QUIET and OC to FSB 300?!
After DFI launched nF4, it always brings surprise to us
They say that new mystical BIOS enhances the COOL&QUIET ability

Since K8 launched last June, I never used this function
Some rumors say this function will weaken the OC ability and stability

Match up with the new BIOS
If you want to enable AMD Cool "n" Quiet¢â Technology, you still need one more program installed and user instruction.

Click the hyperlink and download it

Next step is the BIOS setting
CPU is 300X9 and 1.4XV in stable level
I set CPU Voltage in +110%

After installing the software, enter to OS and set the power management to ¡ºMinimum Power Management¡»

At this moment, entering to OS is 300X5 in 1.168V
The picture below is AMD software named ¡°PowerNow! Dashboard¡±


Running the Prime95 to make the CPU runs full speed
The middle part shows the CPU speed. Maximum is 300X9 and Minimum is 300X5
The bottom BAR displays the CPU Utilization

Stop Prime95 to back to Suspend mode
The Voltage and Multiplier back to the lowest status

Changing the frequency by CPU utilization to reach the Power Saving and Low Temp
For Ocers normally don¡¯t need such high frequency
This is really a great tool

I just test my 3000+ CPU is OK, but not sure if other CPU can also be compatible.
It also doesn¡¯t mean the other nF4 boards can reach both FSB300 and enabling COOL&QUIET

Next time I will find time to test 3200+¡¦

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