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kr15t0f 4th August 2004 22:07

first mod, only positive comments plz :D
ok, I'm working on my first casemod and I will allready post some pictures here. Be free to give comments.

my new cooling

my side panel

As you can see I'm still working on it. The edges are not straight so I have to file it straigt. I gonna make a blowhole in the plexi on my cpu and some small holes in front of the VGA, I'm not planning to put a fan there. The plexi around those little holes will be mat (I will try it with sanding paper).

Will this be enough plexi? :D

I got it from my father because he is planning to make some windows in our chicken-house.

And these is my new dustfilter, my mother found it somewhere

In the picture it looks thick, but thats becaus it are two layers. Pants got to have a back-side too :D

so, thats everything for now. I hope you find it good (or a good try ;))

edit: how, those pictures are large, if somebody has trouble with it (mod or someone else, don't remove them, but I will resize them than (mod)

wutske 4th August 2004 22:25

Well, you have enough plexi to try it 9 times :D .

kr15t0f 5th August 2004 20:50

mod almost finished :D. I'm a fast worker, Actually my father and mother helped a lot. Mother helped with cleaning my side panel and cout-out in plexi and father helped with cut-out in side panel and cutting the plexi. :D

kr15t0f 14th August 2004 14:38

this evening I gonna post some pics ;)

kr15t0f 14th August 2004 22:06

pictures gonna be for tomorrow, printer is broken, need to repair it first. I have to print a few dvd-covers ;)

kr15t0f 15th August 2004 11:52

here we go :D

thats all for now, any suggestions for some other mods are welcome

jmke 15th August 2004 12:05

looks professional! nicely done.

kr15t0f 15th August 2004 12:54


sidepanel is a bit dirty. Have to clean it :D

kr15t0f 28th August 2004 00:04

update :D

DUR0N 28th August 2004 00:06


Originally posted by jmke
looks professional! nicely done.
I saw it from a close distance, it was very well done. Looks like repairing bikes all the times gave your dad some steady hands :)

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