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sophron 25th February 2004 23:17

first case mod...
I dont wanna make so much tutti frutti milkshake style fun cases so I made this mod. I think it has a industial style finish. There are no heat pumping video card or dvd-roms but system is OCed; I use Athlon XP 1800@2.0 Ghz 333Mhz fsb. Upper fan is spare and nor workind right now(not needed) and other fans are at slow mode..(5V) its almost noiseless. Im planing to paint inside pae yellow and use a yellow cold cathode...

sophron 25th February 2004 23:18

general view:)

sophron 25th February 2004 23:20

Attantion viewers :) PSU brand is Skyhawk and its 300 W. I changed 3 sides with that holed aluminium and its breathing much more better...

sophron 25th February 2004 23:22

front blow-in detail... I dont like that ugly faced cases with blow in hles at front so I took air from floor

sophron 25th February 2004 23:24

upper blow-out

sophron 25th February 2004 23:27

more breathing holes for PSU :)

I really struggle to have that cracked paint effect. But its really cool isnt it:)

jmke 26th February 2004 09:13

that cracked paint effect is unique!

Vulk 26th February 2004 17:02

How did you make that cracked paint effect?

jakkerd 26th February 2004 17:18

by accident? ;)

4-n-zics 1st March 2004 21:21


Originally posted by Vulk
How did you make that cracked paint effect?
you can buy something that is called "crackle paint"... basically you put down a base coat (several) of whatever color you want (which will show thru the cracks) and then put a coat (or several) of the crackle paint over the base coat... the crackle paint will "crack" and show the base coat color..

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