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westworld 23rd August 2005 19:22

Fanless like Atechfabrication
Over the last few months, I've been looking for htpc cases (home theater pc). And more specific, the fanless solutions.
(you can read my findings at

I was wondering if someone could point me to other cases like this one. It's the best I could find in over 6 months of searching.

I don't want to compromise. It needs, good design, fanless cpu, psu(antec phantom) and fanless videocard support.

Thnx for taking the time to read my post and any tips

jmke 23rd August 2005 19:24

HUSH systems is one of the most known fanless systems providers

read a review of their ATX system here:

and then there's also the Zalman offerings, which are insanely expensive

Sidney 23rd August 2005 19:52

Rather interesting design -

It will be over $700 when it is delivered to your door ;)

westworld 23rd August 2005 19:58

yeah I know. It will cost me a fortune this one :-).
This one's also fanless and cheaper but not as good looking. And, it doesn't have as much options

Sidney 23rd August 2005 20:03

My ideal HTPC will be using my current P4P800 with Asus Intel M adapter. Low thermal output processor and graphic card are the ultimate solution, i.e. resolve the root cause rather than fixing the problem.:)

FreeStyler 23rd August 2005 22:54

wait for the new VIA chip(set)
combined with a P mobile, it just has to rock, unless they screw up the design.

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