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sjaak 6th January 2007 00:58

(external) watercooling
I want a new watercooling i think i cant mount it in my case, i have a 12cm in the front of my case but i think there isnt room there. I have 2x8cm fans on the back.
My case: Sharkoon rebel 9 value edition.
I have a conroe e6600@3,6 ghz now, it isnt very hot but i want to get it higher then this, my evga 680i sli motherboard is very good for overklocking i only need a good cooler, i got a zalman 7700cu now.
Maybe you know a good watercooler to mount in my computer, or do i need to have a external cooler?
I dont want a too expensive watercooler, as cheap as possible ;)

jmke 6th January 2007 11:39

What is your goal for switching to Water Cooling? Noise? is the Zalman CNPS 7700CU at low fan setting to loud?

if it is for performance reasons, I wouldn't bother with swapping a high end CPU Cooler for CPU watercooling, you'll gain 100-200Mhz at most on your overclock, which is never going to make an impact on any real world apps.

there are semi external water cooling kits, like the Swiftech which mount the radiator at the back of the case, reservoir in a spare 5.25" bay, and the pump somewhere in the case (compact pump).

but again, if you want better performance than air cooling in order to overclock, I wouldn't bother with water cooling, especially the cheaper kits don't offer any tangible performance increase over high end air cooling.

sjaak 8th January 2007 21:41

My cpu is running a bit hot idle 40 degrees fan low i want to let it run cooler, and i want a watercooling coz it is silent, i dont like the noice with my cpu fan@high. I was thinking about the thermalright big water 745, i think i can kill my cpu perfect with this cooler, and maybe later my videocard, because it had 3 fans, am i right about this?
PS:my computer is close to a heater :(
I think i can put a 12cm radiator in front of my case when i move my hdd's


geoffrey 9th January 2007 13:52

Actually, 40°C is good. Did you use Intel's tool for reading themperature?
If so I don't think heat is really holding you back, it might be the lack of core voltage. Zalman's 7700cu might not be the best out there, it's still very decent cooling equipment. With the fan at 7V it should not be load at all.
PS: those C2D can hadle a lot higher heat without loosing much stability.
Mid 50's is no problem at all.

Milos 18th April 2007 02:05

My external WC setup
2 Attachment(s)
That's a racing aluminum radiator in the back with an area of ~800 cm^2. After the picture was taken, I installed a single Antec 3-speed fan to a shroud on top of the radiator to pull air upwards. When the fan is set on low, the computer is absolutely silent.
Inside the Antec Sonata II case there is the Swiftech Apogee GT (CPU), MCW60 (Video), MCW30 (chipset), and MCP350 pump. The computer is a year an a half old but the watercooling is only 2 months old.
The CPU is a Pentium 4 530 (3.0 GHz) overclocked to only 3.6 because my motherboard uses the Intel 915P chipset which severely limits OC. The video card is an ASUS GeForce 6600. With the radiator fan on low, the CPU idles at 24 Celcius and at full load (after 30 minutes of 2 running versions of stress prime 2004) the max temp is 33C. The room temp is ~22C. With the fan set to medium (the fan can be heard at this point but is pretty silent) the CPU idle temp is around the same but the load temp goes down to 31C. And the GPU idles at 38C and goes up to 44C after a few 3DMark benchmarks.
Overall, I am very pleased that I went with a watercooling setup. I leave the fan on low since my priority is silence especially since the computer is in my bedroom and you don't want late gaming sessions to wake up the girlfriend. :)

Liquid3D 26th May 2007 01:16

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It's true a 100MHz ~ 200MHz won't translate into any real performance boost, at least not until your reaching 40% or greater OC. And that is always dependent on the processor. Conroe loves to scale, it wants to scale little hills and big mountains and can do so because of it's architeture and low TDP.

But sometime people want to overcock just for the sake of doing it. I understand where the hobby derived from usually people who werer trying to get more for their money. It was really a necessity. I've been fortunate insofar as I have never needed to overclock any processor. Most times my overclocking usually ran great, IF they were water-cooled. And here again water-cooling isn't soemthing I needed to do, it was something I wanted to do.

Once I got wet that was it now you can't get me out of the proverbial PC-watercooling pool. I have had a lo of fun testing and trying diff H20 blocks, radiators, pumps etc. And I've learned more about thermodynamics, metalurgy and physics I ever learned in school.

lcx 25th August 2007 19:50

CORSAIR is a good choice with acceptable noise level~~

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