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ssl6 27th January 2005 12:06

evga copper heatsink for 6800gt
hey guys,

i have a 6800gt with an nvsilencer on it, just wondering if anyone has tried the evga copper heatsink for 6800gt

was thinking about trying one if it wasnt too expensive, but only price i can get on it is 19$.....for a small copper heatsink. so im just wondering if anyone has tried it and what kind of results it gave. i was also thinking of maybe tryin to throw on the evga 6800u copper heatsink because its a bit larger

kristos 27th January 2005 13:03

I doubt this will be worth changing your silencer for.

ssl6 27th January 2005 14:14

how about the ultra

with say...a tornado over it

kristos 27th January 2005 17:20

then yes, definately

but if you go that way, strap your card down ;p

ssl6 27th January 2005 20:40

well, im just wondering how you guys think it might perform over the nvsilencer, because the silencer only dropped the temp a few degrees, so the stock cooler does perform rather well

kristos 27th January 2005 22:25

the silencer dropped the temps here about 10 and is WAY more quiet, not something to be neglected in my humble opinion.

I have no idea what kind of temps you will get if you use that evga ultra cooler + tornado but I'm guessing 20 less then the silencer. maybe more, I really don't know

ssl6 27th January 2005 23:53

well, im thinking of ordering both the evga 6800gt and 6800u copper heatsinks, ill see how they all compare

Desert Eagle 28th January 2005 01:42

The copper heatsink (standard) isn't performing that well, and is very noisy.
I put on my own custom waterblock, and now its performing well @ ultra speed, without any noise.

Stressed temp= 41 max, idle 39 (yeah, that NV40 chip is a real hot stove)

ssl6 28th January 2005 02:43

well, i dont have $ for watercooling right now, and i've had this card up to 460/1170 without artifacts, but once it gets too hot, it shut down and i cant finish a benchmark past tryin to break 13k in 3dmark, and im less than 200points away

kristos 28th January 2005 03:56

did you try running in diagnostic mode, running 3dmark in real time and killing explorer?

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