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Sttomcat3 23rd February 2005 07:54

Evercool's WC-202 watercooling kit is awesome after some personal modding!
Hello Madshrimps,

I would like to present my personal review now that I have jumped onto the Water Cooling bandwagon elite. If a watercooling set-up is installed correctly, it keeps CPU temps. down to a much lower range than with old conventional aircooling, which can have radical flucuations in CPU operating temps.

Having been into electronics since High School, I am now 37, Number 1 rule: Excessive heat is the worst enemy of any semi-conductor or transistorized device. (Transistors, diodes, SCRs, Integrated Circuits, and of course CPUs.)Once the particular electronic component has been heated past its rated service temp., it's either ruined or will be flaky, and unreliable in performance.

I have been the very satisfied owner of an Evercool WC-202 Ultra PC watercooling kit for almost a month now. I have to say it's an excellent choice for a start into the world of PC water cooling.
It's innovative, compact, and ingenious in design. Having remembered the new radical concept of watercooling having to be built from scratch by overclocking individuals just 3-4 years ago, many companies now have this computer component method of cooling, down to a refined science. Evercool's WC-202 is an improvement in features compared to Evercool's prior WC-201 model or Kingwin's near identical twin kit. The WC-202 has a more powerful pump, and more selectable control features on the LCD screen.

Installation of the kit was quite easy, I would say it took less than a hour to complete the job, and had my system back up and running. But being a perfectionist with anything I do to my system, I did some personal mods to the kit's components, along with some extra preventative measures to prevent any dreaded leaks. First I replaced the secondary radiator's stock black 80mm fan with a blue LED 80mm one that I already had where this component would soon be fastened to the inside back of the computer case. I had to unsolder the original fan's 3-pin power cable off the boring black unit, and resolder it onto my clear blue LED 80mm fan making sure all the colored wires were soldered to the exact same terminal polarities. The longer cable was must as the secondary radiator 80mm fan plugs into a 3-pin power connector at the back of the 5.25" Primary cooling/Control module. The next mod I did to the installation was put a once around wrap on all of the threaded connectors on the Water Block, Secondary Radiator, and hose input/output on the 5.25" Controller module, with that thin but tough Plumber's Teflon pipe thread tape. I figured that in combination with the inner "O" rings at the threaded hose couplings, would deter any possible leaks. I was right. Since installation the kit has'nt leaked a single drop of cooolant!

My next change was to do away with the supplied "Red" coolant additive. (Did'nt care much for the color.) I instead substituted it with Swiftech's HydrX UV coolant water additive. One bottle mixed to 1 liter of distilled water as the instructions stated. The cooling system uses roughly 3 oz's or so, or until there are no air bubbles in the system and the 5.25" controller module's reservoir is topped-up to "High" mark. Which leaves you with plenty of coolant mix for future coolant changes. I've read, you need to do this every 6 months or so. With the advantages of water cooling, there is the downside of routine Maintennance/Upkeep.

Everything worked out great! The Secondary radiator looks much better through the side window mod case, lit-up with an 80mm LED fan capable of the same RPMs, and I like the greenish UV glow of the HydrX coolant circulating in the semi-transparent hoses lit-up by a blue cold-cathode tube mounted on the floor of the case. So I had to sacrifice my secondary CD-ROM drive to have a clear 5.25" bay for ventilation, I put asthetic "louvered" custom made 3.5" vent grill into a 3.5" floppy to 5.25" bay adapter tray in that space as suggested in the installation mannual.

I'm not an overclocker. CPUs for me are too expensive to run outside of thier warranty specifications. Yet watercooling with its resulting cooler CPU operating temps. will mean to me, insured CPU longevity and durability. When I build a computer, I build it to last for a good many years. Before having to re-invest a small fortune in building a new machine.

Well, that sums it up. An Evercool WC-202 watercooling setup with some unique custom mods and tweaks had a good result now installed in my system.

Please let me know what you think.
Sincerely yours,


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