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FreeStyler 26th August 2003 11:40

Epox 8RDA+ NB cooler
I'm looking for a good new NB cooler for an 8RDA+.
My current ghetto mod is starting to get out of allignment = noise.
It's a hercules 9700Pro HSF assembly, slightly fixed (cooler broke of, several times)

I need something new, however the holes for mounting are further apart then default mounts (crystal orb won't fit) and there a hulking CNPS 7000 hanging over it, so there isn't much clearing above, that's why I kinda ruled out Zalman passives, along with the possible lack of cooling (ALu)

Anyone got any toughts on one, that will fit without too much problems, doesn't have to be glued on and, if possible, preforms good.
Not WC yet, like the rig as is.

Bosw8er 26th August 2003 11:47

Vantec iceberg ?

FreeStyler 26th August 2003 14:20

links & dealers?
(mag groothandel zijn)
prefered belgian.

jmke 26th August 2003 14:44 seems to work nicely


FreeStyler 26th August 2003 21:44

links maybe, dealers hardly, wholesale, no way.

oh and smallband, not really that perky on waiting several hours to look at some googled sites.

quarantaine 26th August 2003 22:23 this?

there is a reseller in belgium, can't find it in their pricelist though.

FreeStyler 27th August 2003 09:54

Hmm that intro looks good.
prolly sounds painfully loud, but hey...
Problem is that I got that zalman 7000, it's big and hanging over the chipset. Otherwise I might have concidered a zalman chipset heatsink.

jmke 27th August 2003 11:47

mod the zalman :grin:

Da_BoKa 27th August 2003 13:35

cut of the top and place a fan on the side of the HS


FreeStyler 27th August 2003 16:59

I'll prolly just get a replacement set that's about the same as my current.

Something like this. It's the exact same cooler hercules uses on ther graka's. Exept in retail packaging, with several lengths of clips (the one I got is too short to really mount properly)
It's a titan TTC-CUV2AB. Anyone got the website of titan, can't seem to find it.

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