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Liquid3D 17th November 2006 12:30

E6400 at 425FSB Default Vcore
This chip is really nice, I've clocked up to 430FSB but the P5w DH is the only thing really holding it back. I have to drop the memoy to 533MHz ovee.

I have the Gigabyte 965P DS3 though so I should get better clocks with that platform. Still this isn't bad considering she's running at 1.29V Vcore :)

jmke 17th November 2006 13:46

you got a nice X6800 surpassing chip there:)

thorgal 17th November 2006 14:55

I hope you are lucky with the DS3 board. I've seen some mixed reports on that one.

A vmch mod on the ASUS could give you some more headroom on the FSB though...

Very nice chip indeed :D

geoffrey 17th November 2006 15:12

Rock stable?

Liquid3D 17th November 2006 18:32


Originally posted by geoffrey
Rock stable?
yes but the memory is really low so I don't consider the NB stable but yes the chip itself is stable.

geoffrey 18th November 2006 11:56

Nice chip then. This chip might hit 3,8GHz no problem without any other parts limiting your overclock.

Liquid3D 18th November 2006 15:11

Peeps asked me to run Orthos and I found another program I likey does anyone know if these are the latest versions of each?

thorgal 18th November 2006 15:16

Never heard of nuclearus to be honest. I'll try it too.

stress prime (SP2004) is single core version of Orthos, latest version (from april) here :

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