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jort 24th June 2005 00:14

Dothan and x800xt pe on Dry ice
Today me, Colin and Kristos did some dry ice benching.

- Pentium mobile 730 1.6 ghz
- Asus P4C800 Dlx rev 1.03
- Dothan adaptor
- Asus X800 pro flashed to xp pe
- Dry ice cpu and Gfx container
- Ocz pc3500 2-3-*-* Bh-5

Mobo is fully vmodded:
vdroop mod, vcore mod, kyosen vdimm mod and bios rev 1021.003

Max on watercooling:

Max on dry ice:


And now PICTURE time(like allways:^D) :super:

this is the dry ice we got, 20 kg of pellets:

now some random pics taken during the run:) i'll comment if info is needed with pics.

board with mods:

max temp dry ice:

the adaptor with dothan cpu:

adaptor installed and covered with grease(vasiline):

shot of thermal grease dothan core:

container installed with mounting of alz his waterblock, i tell you its VERY easy to use:

first the best card offcourse, its an TNT2 used to be a very good card :D

setup installed:

container with dry ice;)

3160 mhz superpi run, result is 23.766 :woot:

left = base | right = direct into container(watch this screen again a bit lower)

temps realy stay within 1° !!! (this isn't the screen i mean)

LOOK after 5 hours later the temps got to -66 on this screen and -65 on boot and -64 stressed. so the thermal grease settled and got 4° better :banana:

then we throwed an R9700 pro into the game, purpose to brake mister roadster world record(allready took 1 record of him with 3000+ spaw:D)

but the card wouldn't boot:( (now kristos arrived by now so we plugged into the x800 and explore his max speeds on air back,
when is installed the zalman aircooler back onto the R9700 i saw that the 4 pins connector whas not installed propperly "damn alz" :stick:guess its for next time.

removed the box with dry ice of the tabel couse its was getting wet underneath, yeah its cold allright :D

alz is trying to get his hands frosted or trying to be cool :p

keep the container topped :)

rig with aircooled X800xtpe

offcourse with overclocking you get thins like BLUEscreen ^^

and some complaining about drivers not installed :p

silent air cooling:

now we tried to do some aquamark score's and yes the yes yes yes NO whas there:) but we got 100K afterall YEAH

17K raw cpu dothan power!!! don't think these where the gfx settings but 3117mhz dothan was always used while benching:)

offcourse we did some 3dmark 2k1 and got till 38800 but then something stranged was happening, wile oc'ing the card to 642 610 and ran 2k1 the clocks where reset to 549 without a reason because everything was stable:(

ohhh -63 :slobber:

-52 @ 644 mhz:D

we got 100K, 101K, 102K, 103K, 104K and finaly 105K! after lots of runs and reboots:)

then offcourse this happend too:slap:

zalman bracket, container, silan wrap kept the card running:

Disassambling of the system:)

no air no condensation had any chance here:

after 9 hours of running dry ice almost no condensating has formed

little sweat on backsite but who wouldn't sweat with these conditions

PERFECT contact and NO condensating

alz has some job with removing the grease:D

the drip was from the container:)

alz realy did some SUPERB insulating job!!!


and some FINE soldering work, this is realy good

This was a superb succes, nothing died everything was running like it should.
K the x800 could be better but there is a big change that next week alz can use his ex x800pro xtpe back to use, it did 675 675 on water and fully vmodded offcourse:) so 725 or 750 wouldn't be that hard on that one.

I like to thank to browse to all the pic and thanks colin and kristos and me to be a perfect team :)

till the next time;)

over and out,


agent #2 24th June 2005 00:25

Nice result. Pentium M rocks! ;):D

jort 24th June 2005 00:32

you know it :D

Gamer 24th June 2005 05:26

great results there, and some fine craftsmanship :)

now use some LNē to really get the power out of that dothan :grin:

jmke 24th June 2005 07:44

soooooooooo close to 100% OC

jort 24th June 2005 12:48

we have screen of 100% oc, colin just need to send it:)

and lnē is prolly there in the vacation:o

jort 25th June 2005 14:13

And we have 1 world record

highest score with all procc and x800xtpe

ssorSpeedTo=&graphicsType=69&graphicsCoreClockFrom =&graphicsCoreClockTo=&graphicsMemoryClockFrom=&gr aphicsMemoryClockTo=&displayMode=&displayDepth=&an tiAliasingMode=&antiAliasingQuality=&anisotropicFi ltering=&detailLevel=&resultType=AMScoreCPU[/url]

putting that fx-55 into shame:D

Desert Eagle 26th June 2005 00:36

Congratz man ;-) ! Looks real "cool" !

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