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ubuntu_demon 4th June 2008 15:22

Does anyone have the Zalman ZM-NC2000 laptop cooler ?
Iím potentially interested in buying the Zalman ZM-NC2000 to cool my laptop. Does anyone have this laptop cooler ? If so could you please do me a big favor and do some measurements for me ?

I would like to know the two distances which I illustrated in the picture (the red distance and the yellow distance). The red distance is important because I want to know whether the air can blow directly into the air intake for my cpu. I need an exact measurement for this because the ZM-NC1000 was too small for this.The yellow distance is important because I donít want too much air to escape at the sides. Exact measurements are also important because I need to convert it to the metric system (cm / mm).

You can find the picture here :

Thank you very much in advance!

jmke 4th June 2008 15:34

this is your lucky day, I tested the NC2000 here:

Red: 16cm
Yellow: 32.3cm

ubuntu_demon 4th June 2008 15:49


Originally Posted by jmke (Post 171175)
this is your lucky day, I tested the NC2000 here:

Red: 16cm
Yellow: 32.3cm

Thank you very much!

32.3 cm for yellow is perfect for me as my laptop is 31.7 cm wide.

But 16 cm for red is not very good. Because my cpu air intake starts at 15 cm (from the rubber feet of the laptop) and continues until about 17.3 cm. So less than half of my cpu intake is directly above the air flow. Which is sub-optimal. What do you think about this ? Do you think it's the best cooling solution available as far as you know ?

Thank you very much in advance.



ubuntu_demon 4th June 2008 16:07

According to a comment on my blog the holes part is 16 cm but if you continue until the black rubber strip (which is where you would put the laptop feet against) it's actually 17.1 cm. Which means that my cpu air intake is almost completely directly above the air flow which is what I want. Perfect!

see my blog :

Thanks your your kind help.



jmke 4th June 2008 16:24

it doesn't have to sit directly over it; cooling will be good, as just lifting the laptop of the table will already have a positive effect on cooling, any decently sized Notebook cooler will do fine:)

ubuntu_demon 4th June 2008 21:55

Thanks for the help. I just ordered my shiny new Zalman ZM-NC2000 :)

ubuntu_demon 6th June 2008 11:19

I did a small review of the Zalman ZM-NC2000.

This thread :

This post :

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