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wutske 12th January 2006 18:42

DIY HDD silencing idea
After watching this (link), I started to think about silencing a hdd using the same method.
I just want to share this idea with you guys, because it'll probably take 2-3 years before I start (if you know me, you know what I mean ;) ).

It's rather simple. First you put the hdd in a plastic bad (one you use the freeze food in should be good). The best thing is to make it more or less air free so and then you seal it completely (power and IDE/SATA) by using something like silicone.

Then you can make a box (or use some kind plastic box that'll fit your hdd) using plexy (you could use some copper or aluminium to aid cooling a bit, but it's not that important I think). You could lay the hdd on rubber pads or hang it up in the box using rubber bands or something, be creative at this step :D ).

Then seal it and fill it with oil (preferably not aggressive or conducting oil).

Few notes:
the """"vacum"""" (note the ") bag will help cooling the hdd and it's chips a bit. Because there's only a litlle bit of air in the bad, there will be more oil that has (except for the plastic) direct contact w/ the chips and the other metal parts of the hdd). Also, air bubles could trap air and as we all now, air is a bad heat conductor.

1 thing not to forget, don't cover the breathing hole of the hdd, here you should have some air :D .

Why oil, why non aggressive and why non conductive.
1) oil is less viscous than water and will absorb vibrations and other annoying things better than water does.
2) aggressive oil could damage the plastic bad (wich protects your hdd, you don't want oil on your platters :^D )
3) why not conductive, you never know ;) :D . Always play safe.

Anybody is free to try :D . This should more or less work (depens on how well you work). Just remeber, it's at own risk. Maybe if I have some time I'll try it on an old (damned noisy) hdd, but that's probably not going to happen until the next long vacations :spank:

jmke 12th January 2006 18:53

I think they are less cumbersome and more effective ways to silence a HDD;)

wutske 12th January 2006 20:05


Originally posted by jmke
I think they are less cumbersome and more effective ways to silence a HDD;)
you're a :mad: modder or you aren't one :D (plus cheap, DIY (if you're bored), it cools and prolly dampens most frequencies)
You could even get more extreme and wrap the whole thing in some sound dampening stuff, but that's a little bit too much of it ;)

beki 22nd January 2006 10:53

why is the breathing hole so important?
If you cover it while the hd is cold, the hd will heat up and the air will expand, I can't imagine a temp increase from 20C to 50-60 would create such a pressure the HD won't work anymore.
Only thing you have to make sure is when cooling down, the airhole doesnt suck in oil.

I'm talking about submerging HD in oil without the bag. I mean just close off the breathing hole?
Isn't the breathing hole even fitted with a (erm whats the word, like your ear, it folds to pressure but is watertight)

wutske 22nd January 2006 13:41

always play safe I guess :) .
The hole shouldn't be able to suck oil in, since the hdd is in a bag (again, safety).
But probably van submerge it w/o the bag, but I would suggest the use of silicon for the lid.

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