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andyxedos 14th January 2007 19:36

DFI rdx200 overclocking help
i dont know if anyone has any suggestions but ive just upgraded to a dfi rdx200 from a asrock dual sata and am having real problems overclocking my opteron 146. Previously i locked the pci bus and managed to overclock stably at 2.75ghz using budget ram,however with the dfi im struggling to get past 2.3 with exactly the same ram-i cant find any pci lock?

any ideas would be much appreciated as my nice new board seems a bit useless!!!

Berry 15th January 2007 09:32

Hello Andy,

Could you start by giving some more info.
Mem, bios mainly as it works much more easy to guide ya.

It`s my main testplatform, so I should be able to help you.
As for a starting-point, look up a few of the DDR-reviews done here.
CFX3200 and RDX200 mostly work the same:naughty:

Pci-lock isn`t needed, it`s locked by default.
Did you drop HTT to 4 or 3 (250=4 250-up=3)
Furthermore set all timings manual, and the memory divider to 166.

Normally I`m only online during the weekends, so responce may be a little slow. Sorry.

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