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cR00zIFI><3r 8th June 2002 15:37

Crystal orb
I just bought a Tt crystal orb en I wanted to put it on my graphics card.
But there are no holes in the card, so should I use the thermal-pad, or ASIII combined with some sort of super glue...

Give me you ideas....

You can answer in dutch if you want..;)

jASjE 8th June 2002 15:39

Wrong forum dude ;)

PlayboY 8th June 2002 16:06

If you have the money buy AS thermal adhesive
of not, do like you've mentioned : ASIII + glue

cR00zIFI><3r 8th June 2002 16:13

What kind of glue??
Pattex super glue, or....
I also read that AS Adhesive conducts electricity...How do I use it safely??

DUR0N 8th June 2002 16:22


4 drops of superglue on the corners of the core, and ASIII in the middle. Don't mix them to much, if you do, it seems to be an even more stonger glue, and you won't get it off that quickly anymore :)

cR00zIFI><3r 8th June 2002 16:58

Tnx :D

The Senile Doctor 8th June 2002 19:10

or asa + as3 in the center

DUR0N 8th June 2002 20:59


Originally posted by calantak
or asa + as3 in the center
talking about overkill ;) asa all the way then!

the glue+ASIII combo is for ppl with no asa in stock, and if you do it correctly, this combo is beter then asa

cR00zIFI><3r 8th June 2002 21:12

I know, but I don't want to mess my Graka up...
so, I'd rather go for the glue + ASIII

btw: ASa is quite expensive, I'll go for the glue if you don't mind ;)

septimus 8th June 2002 21:13

If the crystal orb dies and needs to be removed, how will the superglue at the corners of the core be removed? I heard somewhere that tossing the whole thing into a freezer will make it easy to pop off. Is this true? or is something like acetone or paint thinner needed?

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