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Teemto 3rd September 2010 13:03

Crosshair IV HTT problem
Hi guys,

I'm currently maxed out at 275MHz HTT on my crosshair.
Tried playing around with CPU/NB, HT, NB, SB voltages but the damn thing doesn't want to boot at a higher clock. Tried 14x300 but no boot. CPU (1090T BE) runs perfectly on 21,5x200. Kept my RAM at 1600.

I'm seeing lots of guys that have no problem running at 300MHz some even 350MHz.
Any idea what I'm missing?

My cheap Gigabyte MA785G-UD2H has no problem to run 3DMark01 at 317MHz (with 555BE). You'd think that a high end mobo would be able to do better???

Gamer 3rd September 2010 19:20

Leeghoofd is the AMD guy, ask him.

leeghoofd 7th September 2010 12:50

I'll try it tonite mate, I maxed over 350 on the 965BE, but Thuban has been wicked... but there are 400HTT on the web... ( though under cold ofcourse )

Too baed I'm on the 1005 bios already for testing, I can't revert back... keep you posted

Teemto 7th September 2010 13:26

ok, thx.

leeghoofd 7th September 2010 20:05

this with the Corsair Dominators PC12800C8, will try the Flares next ( as these Corsairs OC zero jack stront)

leeghoofd 7th September 2010 20:26

Max bootable from bios... think with some ludicrous voltages and improved CPU/Chipset cooling that 350 is doable for sure... hope the TurboV screenie helps man... otherwise pm or

Teemto 7th September 2010 22:15

Just tried your exact same settings an no boot.:no:
You think it's a board issue or rather the 1090T?

leeghoofd 7th September 2010 23:04

go slowly, if possible post some piccies of ya bios screens... Hows ya NB/SB temp ?

Teemto 8th September 2010 08:26

I'm going to try those new settings tonight. I'll also have a look at the NB temp.
I'll check NB heatsink fixation if the temps are too high. Maybe the contact isn't good.

Still strange that 335 is the max for a 'high end board'.

My Gigabyte 785GMT-UD2H can do max 340 (good enough for a CPU-Z shot), and I wouldn't exactly call that a high end board.
All it has is a tiny passive NB heatsink (put a 120mm fan on it to get some airflow over it).

If I can't get this thing up to at least 300 then it'll be the last high end ASUS board for me.

leeghoofd 8th September 2010 09:15

Like I said my board is able to do 335 from bios under air... with cold it will be prolly higher. Secondly these are quite safe chipset volts I used. In comparison the 965 BE booted straight into windows at 350...

Clocking Thuban is quite harder for the boards... 1090T gets high via the multie. The 1055T you need higher HT clocks... Take a look at the Bot, most top at 360-365 with the Thuban under cold... 300 though should be a no brainer...

In fact I don't even want to know what voltages the 400HT clocks took to get the CPU-Z validation...

This board is very flexible, but if you have bad one , you have a bad one...

Post the bios screens so we can have a closer look plz...

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