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Crazy_Parsy 5th September 2006 20:01

Cpu Cooling
Can i use this blower fan for my CPU cooling?
Can i attach it to a fanless hetsink
and will it be a good thing
i mean like in this picture

jmke 5th September 2006 21:39

Blower type cooler is loud and doesn't provide much airflow, heatsink is compact, tightly packed fins, not optimised for low airflow.

if you want silent cooling for your Pentium D CPU, look into [g]Scythe+Ninja+PLus+Review+Madshrimps[/g]

Crazy_Parsy 6th September 2006 18:06

we dont have scyth company in israel

Nessmaster 6th September 2006 21:34

Isn't there some 3rd party company where you can order this stuff from and it ships to Israel as well?

jmke 7th September 2006 12:10

tell us what CPU cooler companies you can buy products from in Isreal?

wutske 7th September 2006 13:38

if I can give you a tip, don't get that thermaltake blower, it's crap.
There's a noticable engine sound and the solder job for the fan speed controller sucks (had to fix it after installing the blowser a second time :rolleyes: ).

@jmke, I tought such blower fans were more effective because they don't have the dead spot normal radial fans have ???

jmke 8th September 2006 06:38

noise/performance ratio is worse than an axial fan.

Crazy_Parsy 17th September 2006 15:25

we have gigabyte cooling
arctic cooling
and some other crap i cant remember lol

maher 15th December 2007 16:49

My recommendation is Artic Cooling freezer7 Pro, or if you wish something from higher category TT Sonic Tower and some good (Sharkoon, chieftec...) 120mm fan

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