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Nessmaster 29th June 2006 22:42

CPU Cooler only
So I was thinking that maybe my CPU could use a water cooling system. My nforce 4 runs smooth and cool, my graphics card never goes above 70C, my PSU can top about 56C sometimes, but now (since I oced) my CPU is anywhere from 48-55C on idle and 60-66C on load. That's auffly close to the 70C barrier. I didn't fancy watercooling before, as back then it was still an expenisve thing and the kits where clumsy. But now I'm thinking of getting one just for the CPU.

So far from what I have read around you can buy kits with all the parts or build your own from select parts....right?

What would be a good kit, or good combination of parts to use? I have never done water cooling before and I don't know too much about water blocks and the pumps and all. I also don't want to have it taking up too much space on the outside of my case (I would rather it be inside, but most I see are on outside).

Any info would be apreciated, also, I don't want it to be too expenisve. I was thinking of something around the $100-$150 area? Is that too low? Too cheap?

slvrl7 30th June 2006 05:00

Maybe you should read this
A Home-Grown Water Cooler for 115 Dollars

Nessmaster 30th June 2006 05:10

No... but I was thinking of something like the XSPC X20 Dual Xtreme

Anyone have personall experience with this one?

slvrl7 30th June 2006 05:29

well that's good it's cheap to,nice Pump & Reservoir like this its'n it

Nessmaster 30th June 2006 05:34

Yeah, but aparantly it hasn't come out as a kit yet. But you could order the parts seperatly and build it together. But now, as I am looking at I see all kinds of options. I have a few questions first conerning the reservoir. Does it have to recieve any kooling? Like in the XSPC X20 Dual Xtreme there is the Blue "passive" one with the little heatsinks, but at FrozenCPU I see all kinds, ones with it and without little heatsinks and such.

Also, what are the differences between 1/2, 3/8. and 1/4 Water blocks for the CPU? Which ones dispense more heat and what are the advantages of each?

Also, for the pumps, what kind of things should I be looking for here? Like the amount it can pump and all, is there anything else?

Thats all for now...

slvrl7 30th June 2006 05:45

Passive reservoir has heatsink but ordinary reservior has no heatsink,so with the passive reservior you will get extra cool and also good lookin reservior.

oohh i'm late got to go

BlackRabbit 30th June 2006 07:27


Originally posted by Nessmaster
No... but I was thinking of something like the XSPC X20 Dual Xtreme

Anyone have personall experience with this one?

And more:

slvrl7 30th June 2006 09:33

Nessmaster if you buy this watercooling kit
please tell us the different after you change the Air Cooling to Water Cooling

Nessmaster 30th June 2006 17:06

Well the XSPC X20 Dual Xtreme isn't even out yet as a kit. I could buy the parts seperate and put it together, but I'm not sure I need all of that. I mean all I need for it to cool is the CPU. Do I really need 2x120mm Radiator? I was thinking of just getting one of thoes 80mm models, like that. Or is it not even worth it with the single 80mm units?

Also, I'm guessing the 1/2, 3/8, and 1/4 are the tubes width size. So in this case 1/2 being the widest, would it also be the better for performance as it can deliever a larger volume of water over a certain area?

About how much Gallons per hour is concidered good? Bad? Great? For pump I found something like this for 3/8 or for 1/2 for the water block which is both 3/8 or 1/2.

Now for the reservoir I don't really know. How much fluid is really needed to cool a CPU only? Is more fluid better? How much is overkill?

slvrl7 30th June 2006 21:12

for better cooling 2x120mm Radiator is needed,if can get dual 80mm radiator it's almost good.
when water run through a big radiator the water will be chill more compare to the small radiator because big radiator have long pipe so the water will get more round and round on the long pipe for better heat dissipation.

the wider the tube is better but cpu water block is important to,big water block can give you more lower temp because big water block have more water capacity in them to cool the hot cpu.

for the pump i think look for medium gallons per hours.

big Reservior will have more water more water means more coooooolll.

Suits your best .

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