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Stida 24th January 2008 18:38

Cpu-cooler choise
Hey all,

I'm about to buy a new cooler for my cpu (I'm still using the noisy stock cooler :bloos: )
Asus p5k
Q6600 (B3)
Coolermaster Stacker831

I've got some criteria for it:

Not to noise (swappable fan would be handy)
Good cooling performance (duh!!)
Price around 50euros max!

Some coolers I had in mind:
-CM GeminII
-Scythe Mugen
-Scythe Ninja
-Thermalright Ultra 120 (Extreme) (quite expensive!)

Any other suggestions or comments (eventually some shops that sell them cheap (In Belgium, the Netherlands or Germany)

Thanks alot!

maher 12th February 2008 20:49

the best cooler is Thermalright Ultra 120 but how quit that is on you I mean on fan what is on him

Kougar 13th February 2008 01:05

Best cooler is the Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme, make sure it has the extreme part on the end to get the right one. ;)

I have owned the Ninja... it doesn't offer anything special, and requires you to remove the motherboard to install it.

Stida 13th February 2008 12:18

I've got a Ninja right now,
The thermalright is just to high-prized imo..

Installing will be a job for this weekend;-D

jmke 13th February 2008 12:47

Ninja isn't bad by any means, and at lower airflow settings it will cool your CPU almost as good as the more expensive models

Kougar 14th February 2008 12:41

Oh it's not bad, but I'm no longer happy with mine. Pain to use/work around, and there are smaller, cheaper, better performing coolers that don't require motherboard removal to use.

jmke 14th February 2008 13:06

Ultra-120 isn't one of them;)

maher 18th February 2008 10:06

if you want cheaper cooler take TT sonic tower, it is very good choice, but I dont know what you want? what wrong whit ninja, that is good cooler so...?!

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