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Speedy 15th March 2004 11:29

CPU 3,2Ghz to hot?
Hello Peeps,

I just installed a Abit IC7-MAX3 motherboard with a Intel 3,2Ghz CPU and with a Zalman cooler.


When I get in Bios, and check PC Health I have a CPU temp of 60C (idle)

Is this to hot? I think this cooler was one of the best...
When I play Battlefield 1942 the temp raise to almost 67C.

Yes the cooler is installed correctly and yes I used coolpaste.

Please help...

Vulk 15th March 2004 11:30

What is your casetemp and roomtemp?

Speedy 15th March 2004 11:33

Casetemp: 33C
Roomtemp: +-20C


Idle -> 55C
ie. Word, Explorer, ... -> 62C
Games -> 68C

[Bonbon] 15th March 2004 13:02

pretty high temps with such a roomtemp
imagine your cputemp in the summer with a roomtemp of +30C

The Senile Doctor 15th March 2004 16:22

ic7 max 3 measures 15C too high.

piotke 15th March 2004 16:43

And is it a prescott ?

edit, yes it is :)

The Senile Doctor 15th March 2004 21:18

+ it is a prescott :)
thank you for buying a furnace :)

Speedy 16th March 2004 14:26


Originally posted by calantak
ic7 max 3 measures 15C too high.
Sure of that?
Nothing said about it @ the site of Abit.

jmke 16th March 2004 14:28

look in the forums :)

The Senile Doctor 16th March 2004 14:29

quite sure yes.

perfectly same setup with whitewater block at 3.5 ghz same voltage, roomtemp 18C, casetemp 20C
on asus p4c800 : stressed coretemp 33C
on dfi : stressedcoretemp 34C

on abit ic7max3 : 40-45C

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