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leeghoofd 9th December 2012 16:54

Country CUP 2012
Stage 1: I need my 7970 back Luc for a score

Stage 2: I have a 7900GTX score, 2nd card has bad ram 80Mhz less then GPU 1. My 9800GTX does 800/1250 and the 8800GTS' 512s 785/1100. We need 3 scores

Stage 3: will do a score on 2600K on air, asked tones for a 2011 CPU (3 scores)

Stage 4: I have 1090T, 5800K and a few other AMD CPUs here to bench
together with the team ( 5 scores needed )

Stage 5: I have GT430 and 630 inbound, need GT220, GT320 (aant bieden hier and GT530

Stage 6: Team bench session met E8600, QX9650, Q6600, E7400,...

Wordt hectisch, misschien te hectisch om alles af te krijgen voor 31 december

Teemto 9th December 2012 17:49

I'm in for a team session - still lot of holiday starting from 20th.
I can bring my AMD CPU's and my 7,8 and 9 series cards.

Could it be that you posted the wrong picture for your SLI 7900GTX run?
Looks more like 8800 or 9800 cards.;-)

leeghoofd 13th December 2012 09:48

Added teaser scores on air for Trinity and AMD 1M. Will put the 5800K on LN2 as soon as my 7970 comes back...

Tonite some S775 score on watercooling

leeghoofd 14th December 2012 17:07

GT430 inboun, someone want to hunt down a good GT220 and/or a 320 card ?

FunSkilZZ 14th December 2012 19:56

i can look what ive got :)

Teemto 18th December 2012 06:59

Been keeping an eye on 9lives and ebay but nothing (unless they charge an absurd amount for it :no: )

leeghoofd 18th December 2012 10:31


1) Found a cheap 220 ( 18.5 euros ) and can lend a GT630 from Tones, hopefully also a socket 2011 1)CPU for the bclock challenge ( you need to do that one Luc )

Need to run the CPU higher to get closer to 5K in Vantage with the GT320, now at 4889 at 4.8Ghz

2) Pretested some S775 CPUs and will try to fix the phase today to see if there's any scaling with these old CPUs

3) We need to come together asap for some fun benching

4) Later this week an improved trinity score for 3D11 and 1M (still need to get LN2)

Need you guys to do SLI 8800/9800 score with a CPU at +5.5Ghz I have them cards but got bad rams on two cards, which cripple the scores

Got some other AMD CPUs too but no AM2 board...

FunSkilZZ 18th December 2012 15:38

i wil try to lend some stuf from manu (wil buy it when having money)

would love to see some 775 in action, never seen those before.

about nr3 : yeah would love that, mayby learn some more stuf :P

Teemto 19th December 2012 09:29

Nice: the cheapest I found was still 65 :no:

Yup, another team meet would be good.

leeghoofd 19th December 2012 09:36

Focus on 8800 and 9800 SLI lads ! That score has to be in for the 28th !

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