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Destroyer 9th September 2003 21:49

hi all i'm planing to build my own waterjackets for my watercooling but the only problem left is that i can't seem to get copper

so mayby you cqn help me i'm searching 6 peaces of 5cmx5cmx1cm and 3 peaces of 5cmx5cmx3mm of red copper

thx in advance

TeuS 9th September 2003 21:51

I'm sorry, but haven't you already posted that in the bargains forum?

Destroyer 9th September 2003 21:54

no it was posted here but deleted because i wrote it in dutch

jmke 9th September 2003 21:58

TeuS is right ;)

I didn't delete your other thread, your request belongs in the demand / sales forum

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