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NCSmurf 5th August 2003 22:16

cool case rating site!
Hello all, is a new site that is devoted to giving you the
oppurtunity to show off your wonderfully modded cases to the world!
Also it allows users to rate your case and also to leave comments and feedback
as to what they think of your mod/setup!

This site is fairly new so feel free to help us along by being amongst the first
to grasp this oppurtunity to show off!

The site will hopefully keep you interested for a while as
you think carefully what your next mod could be whilst grabbing ideas from other users! has been developed in the hope that we can attract a lot of users, to
build a large community for people to discuss the latest mods/tech and how to make the most of them!

web56n 6th August 2003 08:19

I signed up to help get things going for you but when I looked at the cases you have uploaded I decided to wait to upload anything!
also is there a way to have auto resize I'm not about to resize all my pics to that small.
also you might want to look into a better screening method of your uploads.
just my opinion.

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