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Massman 4th December 2009 10:44

CM 690 II Advanced
...coming in 2010!

Anyone else looking forward to this?


jmke 4th December 2009 10:50

no details whatsoever... wake me when they become available ;)

Kurgan 2nd January 2010 20:38

Aren't they being showcased at CES 2010?

I'm really looking forward to seeing the next gen of 690's :)

jmke 3rd January 2010 01:17

yes, but all specs are already available, you know that:)

Kurgan 3rd January 2010 11:45

I know,

But its not the same until you see pics with actual hardware, watercooling loops....and the MODS!....GOD I can't wait to see some mods!!

bob808 3rd February 2010 03:12

Theres a video found on . The cm690 II and the January CMHD Girl both look pretty damn good. I would post link but dont have enough posts yet lol-

Looks pretty nice to me with great cable management, airflow and radiators can be used on top and bottom without mods ;)

bob808 3rd February 2010 03:16

says in the vid its going to cost $99.99

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