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jmke 26th May 2009 21:54

Chiller's 3D scores reported...
Unreal score - can`t reach 80k+ in Vista on 4250 MHz
400 FSB - multiplier x8 - but freq is 4250?!
Unreal in Vista with such CPU freq
@Chiller: is it possible that these were bugged runs? or?

Massman 26th May 2009 22:03

Second one is certainly bugged, first one as well, I think.

I know that in the early days, the Ati Vista drivers were pretty unstable, so these anomalities may have been caused by VPU recover kicking in.

jmke 26th May 2009 22:06

in 3D03 yes, but in 3D01 also?

Massman 26th May 2009 22:14


jmke 26th May 2009 22:14

so what's next:)

Massman 26th May 2009 22:16

Block scores of course; they are bugged and bugged runs have always been blocked.

jmke 26th May 2009 22:24

I'll leave you the honor; have had my HWbot conflict for the day;)

leeghoofd 26th May 2009 22:37

Sue ATI !! this shouldn't be an end user prob

Massman 26th May 2009 22:44


geoffrey 27th May 2009 19:54

Wonder how ATI is going to respond ... :-p

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