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The Senile Doctor 16th June 2002 11:35

celeron 1.9 on 0.13 => bomba bugettaria
for people on an extremely tight budget, this could prove to be a bomb!
quote digitimes : "Intel is expected to solve the current tight supply of new Socket 478-based Celeron processors with the recent release of 1.8 GHz-version products and its plan to manufacture 1.9GHz Celerons on the 0.13-micron process."

1.9 ghz celeron on 0.13 => expect 3 gig + overclocks...

TerAngreal 16th June 2002 12:06

mmmmm ...

seen it's history, this celeron will probably be indeed a mighty OC'ing cpu ...

but will it's performance be equally scaled ?

good OC'ing capabilities mean nothing but numbers without good performance ...

DUR0N 16th June 2002 12:44

well, I heard that the Celerons were based on the first willamette core, an some where evene made from original willamette cores who didn't make it though the tests.
Cuz i'm the budget guy, i'm going this summer for the best duron/k6.2/celeron on the ORB (found a well paying job :) )
we'll see what te performance is, and if it can beat a duron cpu

RichBa5tard 16th June 2002 12:48

If it's based on the willy ond not the norty, it will probably won't get such high OC's...

Still, looks like a cheap and fun toy to me. :)

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