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blind_ripper 27th April 2008 15:01

blind's MSI Overclocking Contest Submission
il full in tomorrow or tonight if i have time .
on wensday il have a new benching session ;).

blind_ripper 30th April 2008 05:44

today its Wednesday so here we go guy's , first up some dry pics from the setup readdy to get frozen.

like u can see and like i always say a good bench starts with a god insulation :D, both GFX and the board are clouted with a layer of plastic . this prevents condense to make contact with my pcb, so there can be no electric sparks :naughty:.
unit's im using to bench LN are from my good friend and world's most known overclocker kingpin , the cpu unit is made from FULLY copper and wight's out at 1.8KG .
the gpu unit it's base is from copper but like u can see in the pic the upper part is aluminum.

but now i have to go to school :( , il be back at 1pm so no worries its not that long :D.

CPU: E8500 Q748A212
CPU cooling : Dragon F1EE
GPU: 9800GTX from XFX , VGPU modded
GPU cooling : Tek-9 3.0
MOTHERBOARD : Abit IP35 pro , vdroop modded to 0 droop
MEM: OCZ Reapers PC9200 cas5
PSU: OCZ 1000watt proxstream

more later on ;)

blind_ripper 30th April 2008 16:44

allright then that whas it :)
here are some score's
hope they are good , not mutch time to take a screen shot :(
3Dmark 03

E8500 coold to -130 and 9800GTX to -42C , @ -44.6C coldbug and then power shut's down :(.
i still can improve the score thoughe ln2 left is more then needed for a other run .
the board did with i asked from it and keep's going strong :naughty:

tweak's for 03 are LOD 2.5 get best overal score .

and now for some spi

1mhz more on the FSB and then bleu screen :D
still find i can do more then that , windows is not @ 100% so il be doing rerun soon ;).

pics of the benching sesion are coming up shortly.

greetz blind

blind_ripper 1st May 2008 19:58

here are some more score's , il look for pics from the setup's to ;)
3dmark03 ;)
2900XT in CF on air
single 2900XT on dry-ice
single 8800GTX on stock air
single X800GTO on stock air
a very old 9800PRO @ XT compare on box air cooler

SPI 1M score's some are very OLD :D
this whas my first socket 775 cpu :D on air

the perfect 3800+X2 ,did 3.7GHZ on dry-ice :)

P4 541 on the 2 stage cascade

P4 640 on LN2 :D

xeon 3040 on air
my first conroe chip , E6600 under single stage

E6700 under cascade
QX6800 under cascade

QX6700 under LN2

my first xtreme chip , and first LN2 ever . X6800 under LN2 with jort and belguim's first sub 10sec :)

E6850 under LN2
QX9650 tested under LN2
E8500 the chip i own now , the best pi sofar . max fsb by the board :)

thx for reading blind

more pics soon :)

blind_ripper 1st May 2008 20:38

other pic from last ln2 sesion ;)

COLDBUG give's u this :D

Massman 1st May 2008 21:01

Excellent :d

blind_ripper 2nd May 2008 11:03

my first ever bench setup :D
abit AI7 socket 478, P4 3.0ghz prescott , 2gb G.skill BH-5 , 9800PRO

same setup but with X800PRO and twinmos BH-5

my first AMD setup:
DFI NF4 board , 4400+X2 , very old pci card , G.Skill bh-5 and box air

and then i got watercooling :D

same setup but with Abit UL8 , 6800LE

again with the DFI and with X800GTO

full setup on watercooling

setup with X1900XTX on watercooling

my first sub-zero cooling , a modded mach2 by jort

X800pro sub-zero testing :D

my first ever dry-ice bench :D :
setup Abit UL8 , X800pro and 4400+X2

from here on we started to known as OCTB :D
first meeting / bench sesion whase @ my place present wher massman , hystrix (is he still alive ? ) and yankee .
dry-ice sesion and WR :p

my setup : DFI NF4 , 6600 Modded , G.skill BH-5 and last but not least 3800+X2 furry !!!!

massman and yankee's setup on air :D

very old but funny pic off massman :p

me and massman after the WR run with the 3800+X2
we hitted 3.7ghz on the chip and it still is standing today :p

blind_ripper 2nd May 2008 11:04

hot summer benches

my first dry-ice test on conroe
setup: P5B , X6800 , X1950XTX and G.skill DDR2 D9GHM

8800GTX config on air

cascade came then .
1ste test's on it with X6800 , Abit AB9 , G.skill DDR2 D9GHM and X800GTO on single stage

by newyear 2006-2007 jort came by with LN2 and then i had my first LN2 sesion .

jort sleeping whill im benching

setup running : X6800 , Abit AB9 , G.skill DDR2 D9GHM

testing 680i

LN2 testing with jort again :D

testing QX6700ES with asus P5W64 WS PRO
cascade cooled

dry-ice cooled

LN2 cooled movie

blind_ripper 2nd May 2008 11:04

if been invited to bench @ lab .
thx to maximus and jort
one pic of the setup i have ,for the rest u can go to here the blog:

HD2900XT on air testing QX6800 on LN2

benching with massman whase alway's fun :)
QX6800 , 8600GT

DFI P35 , E8500 ES and D9 mems

QX6800 under LN2 , HD2900XT under LN2 ,Abit IP35 PRO

team up with geoffrey
QX6800 under LN2 , Asus P5B DLX , TeamGroup DDR2 6400Cas3 , 2900XT CF

this conclude's all my pics from benching treu the years ;)
thx to all my good friend off OCTB :)

jmke 2nd May 2008 14:30

very nice collection :)

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