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blind_ripper 22nd May 2008 12:29

Blind and massman MSI EU Overclocking Challenge round 2
so here we go again boy's .
the msi hard-ware arived today so lets start clocking.
just did a stock run off 3d mark 03, also need to cinebench and wprime right ???

the vmod's for the gfx's are yet to be found so il post pics later on today when i have the camera ;).

GL to the 2 other contenders ;)

blind_ripper 22nd May 2008 16:25

first stock run off 03 give 35k , this full stock cooling and clock's.

now oc :D , 796core box cooler and 1125mhz mem , cpu @ 4.4ghz = 42.7k 03 , up to a nice start :) .

now i modded the copper blok from my 2900XT boxcooling to fit the 3850 , becaus the messing blok is crap !

jmke 22nd May 2008 16:35

42 is nice, but not much boints;)

blind_ripper 22nd May 2008 22:05

first 2d score's on air .
and some stock cooled and no mods 3d

pic time :D

gl to the others these are the first score's u need to beat ;)

jmke 22nd May 2008 22:07

awesome blind! Keep it up


Graphics card ATI Radeon HD 3850
Graphics card vendor ATI Technologies
Graphics memory 1024 MB
Core clock 695.0 MHz
Memory clock 832.0 MHz
Driver name ATI Radeon HD 3800 Series
Driver version
Driver status WHQL - FM Approved
Linked display adapters No
Hard-modded more memory on there, or misreading;)

Jip 22nd May 2008 22:15


Originally Posted by jmke (Post 170323)
awesome blind! Keep it up

Hard-modded more memory on there, or misreading;)

Me in GPUZ 512Mb ^^

it's just the 1CPU for cinebench ?? not XCPU ??

jmke 22nd May 2008 22:16

nope only 1 CPU for Cinebench R10, WPrime is already multi-core:)

blind_ripper 22nd May 2008 22:20

yeah hardmod :naughty:

nope wrong read out ;)

jmke 22nd May 2008 22:31

Jip already replied :D

blind_ripper 23rd May 2008 10:14

can jip or oneyedk drop there stock bios here ? something has gone wrong with my modded one and did not save the stock bios.
thx in advance ;)

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