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Old Atari Nut 17th January 2005 03:34

Bios is different, help with "Dynamic Overclocking" PICS!!
I am trying to do some overclocking on my new setup, i have a MSI KT6V KT600 FSB400 board, with sempron 2800+ cpu but it has a fsb333, via chipset, 128 mb g-force card, 768mb DDR400 pc3200. I have looked through the threads for sempron bios help and even the madshrimp article to overclock AMD's and my bios is different and I am not sure where to look for info on my specific bios setup, its probably very similar to the amd bios pics in madshrimps article but it is just different enough that it throughs me off can anyone help me out?? Some links to anything helpful would be great or threads with info that i might have overlooked, Pm me or post here or if someone would be real cool and let me call them on the phone and help walk me through a few settings shoot me a pm. My bios has this frequency/Voltage control on the right side when clicked it takes me to this other screen with dynamic overclocking feature you can "kinda" see in the pics, you can set the FSB, cpu ratio, cpu vcore, dynamic overclocking and agp voltage and ddr voltage, the dynamic overclocking is what i am a little confused on you can set it up 1%, 3%, 5%, 10%, also i dont see anything anywhere about any multiplyer?? Can anyone take a little time and help me out?? Thanks alot!!!

kristos 18th January 2005 00:26

if the multiplier option isn't in the frequency/voltage control, check the other bios subsections.

the dynamic overclocking option is an automatic overclocking function: if you set 5% it will overclock your system by 5%. What exactly it changes I don't know, you'll have to take a look at your settings before and after to see what changed and what remained the same.

I don't know much about semprons but do they come with a (partially) unlocked multiplier? If they don't, the bios may just not display a multiplier option when it recognizes a sempron.

btw, did you check your manual? :)

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