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Da_BoKa 9th February 2005 23:37

bh-5 testing
tonight i was in the mood for some testing.
So i took out my twinmos BH5 memory and started to oc!
because i wanted to know how much they did on every voltage range of 0.05v i took out my digital multimeter and started to test.
Specially for you guys i wrote everething down!

NOTE: There is a 80 mm fan blowing right above them! Because I own a EP 9NDA3+ and the OCZ booster dousn't work on this motherboard i Vmodded it with a 20k VR!
all the test where done with super pi 1M and are super pi stable, I'm not talking about memtest stable, therefore I need to perform unwackme's burn in, so I will report later for this!
A64tweaker was used for every bench

The sticks do ~255fsb on 3.3v ( never tried lower voltage ) and the real testing begun at 3.35v! Here is the list

3.35v --- 260 fsb
3.40v --- 262 fsb
3.45v --- 266 fsb
3.50v --- 266 fsb NO increase of fsb
3.55v --- 269 fsb
3.57v --- 270 fsb ( I wanted to know on what voltage the could do 270 fsb )
3.60v --- 270 fsb NO increase of fsb
3.65v --- 271 mhz
3.70v --- 274 mhz
3.75v --- 275 mhz

I only went this far because for 3.8v i will add additonal cooling ( however the chips don't get warm ), just for safety!
This will happen tomorrow :)
I must say that 260 fsb on 3.35v is pretty impressive! Yet i have to add 0.4v to increase 15 mhz.

jmke 9th February 2005 23:44

BH-6 did 265Mhz @ 3.55v here 58

Da_BoKa 9th February 2005 23:48

bh-5=bh-6, the only difference is the production procede, ( slap me but i forgot the numbers ), bh-6 was produced with a larger procede and so can handle larger voltages!

whas that read by your motherboard or multimeter? If it was by your motherboad you can add a couple of numbers to that voltage, lets say 3.58 3.6v

jmke 9th February 2005 23:55

check the link, explains all:)

Da_BoKa 10th February 2005 00:10

any more results on those sticks? what brand?

187(V)URD@ 10th February 2005 01:20

got 2 sticks bh5 and 2 sticks BH6 , need a setup where i can bench on.
Lats owner from the bh5 did 280fsb with 2.6V (single channel).

jmke you can test mine , antwerp isn't so far from me :p

jmke 10th February 2005 10:36


Originally posted by Da_BoKa
any more results on those sticks? what brand?
uhm.. check the link darnit!

Da_BoKa 10th February 2005 10:50

damned, sorry Jmke, looks like i've read it to fast!
Does single channel need less volts for obtaining the same oc? i know you can clock higher with single channel but do you need lesser voltage?

anayway this afternoon i will try it out :)

Da_BoKa 11th February 2005 13:04

a small update:
currently i'm performing the unwackme's burn in, 3.3v 255 fsb, every hour I see the gaps between the passes and errors grow bigger, currently i'm at 5h and 93 errors :)
Now more than 100 passes #5 error free!
You can clearly see that i have 1 bad ic, memtest86+ shows always the errors at the same range 0.1 - 0.2 - 0.5 mb!
would this be the module in dimm 1? I think so, because i've got 2 errors ar the range off ~500 mb!
for the next couple off days i will continue this burn in :)

jmke 11th February 2005 14:01


Originally posted by Da_BoKa

Does single channel need less volts for obtaining the same oc?

no clue, only had 1 bh-* stick

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