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jort 22nd October 2011 09:52

Belgian first Cascade !
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Hellow guys ! been busy lately with some stuff.
you will notice the following weeks ;)

here are some pics


Teemto 22nd October 2011 10:46

Looking good :D

jort 22nd October 2011 13:47

yezzz :)

i am so exited to see the first ice :o

i hope to have the copper tubing ready at the end of this week. then fix the ethylene and straight to -100 |D


Btw: it's very heavy :P you should train your arms a little or install a crane on the balcony :p

nigel 25th October 2011 18:44

ah ^^ I can't wait to see more of this build ;)

jort 25th October 2011 23:43

Update 2
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Here we are again :D today i finished the piping of the unit !
Worked from 18.30 till 0.00 :-p


To do:

- install orifice on expansionvalve
- Pressuretest and vacuum
- Pretest First stage
- Connect Electronics
- Install Evap and test second stage


Teemto 26th October 2011 00:32

That was fast.
But take your time no need to rush :)

jort 26th October 2011 00:41

yeah idd :)

i know, plenty of work to do on other things ;)


jort 27th October 2011 01:42

Update 3
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Back again

Could not resist to start on the wiring |D

Almost finished with sizing the cable's just need to connect them and manage a bit :)

see ya :woot:

Teemto 27th October 2011 08:05

Hij heeft de smaakt te pakken :)

First of the many?

jort 27th October 2011 19:09

zij maar zeker hehe

hoe bedoel je ?

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