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Massman 31st July 2008 12:53

BATTLE BELGIQUE: Madshrimps vs. Overclex
C'mon fellas!!

Blijkbaar gaan we nog es een tandje moeten bijsteken, Overclex staat een hondertal punten boven ons ... |D

Let's go, let's go, let's go !!!

blind_ripper 31st July 2008 13:30

all in deu time my friend all in deu time :)

geoffrey 2nd August 2008 16:46

E8600 + LN2 should help, seems like computersmsa has good stepping in store.

Massman 2nd August 2008 16:50

ALL E8600 are good clockers, people are calling each chip 'golden' because it goes over 6300MHz :lol:

geoffrey 2nd August 2008 17:14

All reported chips, what about these you don't read about?

Massman 2nd August 2008 17:23

I mean that 85% of all E8600's can do 6G on lnē with enough voltage. On XS and OCX, you will find almost every E8600 owner calling his chip a golden chip, because it can do 6.3G CPU-Z stable, which isn't really golden.

jmke 2nd August 2008 17:39

do note that 85% of those are ES and not retail ;)

geoffrey 2nd August 2008 17:46

Cool, since my last overclock my hw points didn't really drop lower. I should really take my 8800GTS to the extreme, should get me over 200 mark.

jmke 2nd August 2008 17:49

yup, benching not brand new hardware gets your more lasting points @ the Bot. I've been over 100HWboints for more than 2 years now without any active benching :D

Massman 2nd August 2008 18:00


Originally Posted by jmke (Post 175559)
do note that 85% of those are ES and not retail ;)

Most retail are even better than ES samples :woot:

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