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easypanic 10th January 2007 19:24

AW9D Max revival
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After several months of almost no pc contact I pleased myself with an Intel Conroe E6600 + Aw9D Max. Running almost two months at stock speed, I wanted to flash a new BIOS.

After several years of BIOS flashing I got hit by a freezing computer. Damn, but due to the friendly people @ Abit I got a new BIOS chip in less than a week :ws: .

But, as I'm not the very patient guy and don't have the right material to replace a bios chip I kinda damaged the BIOS housing. And with some evil forces inside me I felt the urge to wreck the housing.

See for yourself:

But after a night of good sleep I realized I've been a very bad boy and felt an urge to make it up with myself. I tried a bit and find out that if I pushed on the BIOS chip while booting, my motherboard was very satisfied :D.
I could'n believe it, putting some force on the BIOS chip did the trick. Sure this isn't for daily use, but I wanted to bench since I felt so lucky :D.

Here are my results: with one stick of DDRII, a triple RAID Raptor setup and a USB hard disk to save my screenies, not the most ideal setup:

and :



E6600 cooled by Zalman 9500
1 stick Elpida DDR800 DDRII
ASUS 7950gX

geoffrey 10th January 2007 19:39

Lol, brilliant!

Score is not bad, going the phase change way again soon?

easypanic 10th January 2007 19:42

No, going to look for other motherboard soon :D , this isn't the ideal way of computing :D.

jort 10th January 2007 20:23

Just a needle to remove the bioschip was fine, i don't understand how you could damage the housing so badly. Brute force i guess:D

Easypanic is back doing some oc's ^^

easypanic 10th January 2007 20:25

Screwdriver did its bad magic :D

Massman 10th January 2007 20:39

Lol, got frustrated? :D

Anyway, nice to see easypanic back in action

jmke 10th January 2007 20:40

this gives a whole new meaning to "press button to start computer"

very nice overclock, wish my Core 2 mobo went that high up

piotke 10th January 2007 21:45

solder de bios to the housing

easypanic 10th January 2007 21:46

I asked geoffrey to do it, apparently he can solder good.

He's my first hope :)

jmke 10th January 2007 22:05

I demand pics+article: "reviving the Abit AW9D after crushing" :D

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