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Volt 28th September 2006 07:05

ATI Tool vs. CCC
I currently am running the X1900XTX in a Crossfire set up. I'm using the ATI CCC and enabling Overdrive. According to it, my VPU clock requested it 689 and is currently 500. Memory clock is requested at 720 and currently 594. I'm not sure if those numbers go up when I'm in-game. I've never seen them move. I'm not sure if it's OCing my cards at all.

I like the options of the ATI Tool, but was told by someone else that it doesn't support Crossfire. After reading your article about OCing your crossfire set-up,

, I'm curious if I can use the ATI Tool.

If I understand the article correctly, I disable Overdrive, then oc each card separately. Do I disable Crossfire first also? I would think so.

Will the ATI Tool conflict with the CCC at all? I need the CCC in order to get my cards in a Crossfire config, at least that's what I've been told.

piotke 28th September 2006 10:49

leave crossfire enabled.
disable overclovking in CCC
start overclocking in atitool

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