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Gamer 5th December 2009 21:29

ATi domination ?
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Wow :naughty:

leeghoofd 5th December 2009 21:32

I feel the need to buy one or two, maybe three :p (I read Luc's mind :p)

It's so easy to get points with the right hardware...

jmke 5th December 2009 22:59

NVIDIA domination thread in February 2010 ;p

blind_ripper 6th December 2009 06:19


Originally Posted by jmke (Post 249980)
NVIDIA domination thread in February 2010 ;p

why did i not buy any hw yet? Oyes that's why.
eff de kat uit de boom kijken zeg ik :).

leeghoofd 6th December 2009 09:17

Sir Blind thou shall not buy any GPU hardware, Invest in Iris : better long term investment !!

geoffrey 6th December 2009 11:16

That, you never know ;)

leeghoofd 6th December 2009 11:21

as long as the xes is good I don't swap :p

blind_ripper 6th December 2009 17:44


Originally Posted by leeghoofd (Post 250002)
as long as the xes is good I don't swap :p

u really wanne know huh :D.

almoste a year togther :D.

Gamer 6th December 2009 20:17

What has this to do with the ATi domination ?

Or do you dominate Iris ?

jmke 6th December 2009 20:20

since when do men dominate Woman ? we're all pussy whipped :p

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