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kec789 22nd January 2004 01:19

Asylum 5900 to 5950u?
Hey guys and gals. I read the above (or below?) thread about flashing a 5900 to a 5950.

Has anyone had luck or read that this is possible with BFG's Asylum 5900? Right now you can buy these for $179...SHIPPED! I see that Leadtec seems to be the best one for this, but their version runs 40 bucks more....

4-n-zics 23rd January 2004 03:12

it works... using the Leadtek BIOS.. but (i have not checked this myself) it looks like using the Leadtek BIOS disables the TV out..

there is another BIOS to use that fixes that, but I don't know what it is.

make sure that the BFG you are looking at is the non ultra and NOT the XT model (nVidia XT is like the ATI SE models.. not as good)..

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