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jmke 21st November 2006 09:45

Asrock 775DUAL-VSTA overclocking experience?
I bought a very cheapo motherboard for my new S775 HSF test setupn this Asrock 775DUAL-VSTA board was/is only 54 at

Now I've had some success in getting the accompanying P4 3.06Ghz to overclock over default settings, up to 3682Mhz to be exact, at stock voltage

the asrock mobo doesn't allow for voltage cpu control, ddr voltage can be set to normal/high without any values defined in the bios; that's about all the tweaking you get, voltage wise. The FSB can be set beyond realistic values, but it seems the VIA PT880 Pro might be the OC limiting culprit, can this be?

When I push the FSB speed over 160mhz the system will stall, slow down, and blue screen, quite weird. It happened quite random, and then it started happening at below 160Mhz FSB also... I removed the stock aluminum NB heatsink and replaced the standard goo with Arctic Goop, and so far that has proven successful for several days of stress testing now. Could the VIA PT880 Pro chipset be this sensitive to temperatures & cooling?

jmke 21st November 2006 10:26

Found this info at XS/VR-Zone

Cpu:pci-e async
Pci-e 117mhz
spread spectrum - Disabled
V-link - normal

and some voltmods

piotke 21st November 2006 13:24

shall I mod it for you ?

jmke 21st November 2006 13:31

thanks for the offer:) I already started testing with plenty of HSF and at 3.6ghz it's running sufficiently hot. Don't want to start from scratch again.

geoffrey 21st November 2006 22:06

Sis 649 chipset with LGA 775 support goes well beyond 200MHz fsb :^D

Is there a RAM devider? And are there auto strap settings programmed in that chipset? For example, when you are on 166MHz and you ingrease your FSB to 167MHz, do you see anything happening? RAM MHz fall back or stuff like that?

jmke 22nd November 2006 10:05

yes there is a ram divider, but ram aint the problem, runs up to 270mhz CL 2.5 3-3-7 with 2.7v

geoffrey 22nd November 2006 12:01

Check if you can set a +170MHz FSB. The cpu might have hit the limit as well. My Celeron 2,56GHz overclocked very similair to your Prescott on stock voltage.

jmke 22nd November 2006 12:04

CPU hits the limit at that FSB, my CPU has 23x multiplier...

max OC to windows boot-able with stock volts/cooling:

Kougar 1st December 2006 10:41

Nice job considering that kind of board! Perfect weather/CPU combo for smores and grilled hot dogs, no? :)

jmke 1st December 2006 11:47

with Core 2 this board will get pretty high FSB, over 250, up to 300 with modifications, looks sweet :)

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