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windwithme 21st June 2005 12:38

AMD K8 3000+ E6-Venice 1.35V Version
Next Round, E6 revised version ¡V Surprised 1.35V version

Jointly shot

Normal 1.4V 3000+, if you set the voltage as AUTO, it displays 1.36V. In 1.35V version, it shows around 1.3V.

Software Recognition

In fact, I¡¦ve been playing CPU for many years. Not every new CPU can overclock more than the older. Mostly, you have to wait for awhile and some period will be great for OC. Just like
0213 XP1600+ OC 2200+
A716 P4 2.4G OC 3.6G
0430 754 2800+ OC 2.5G
0448SPAW 939 3000+ OC 2.7G
0517APDW/APIW/DPMW/EPMW... 3000+ OC 2.8G

Recently, the E6 stepping I test, no matter 3800+ or 3000+, the OC range is not as high as E3 3000+.
1.35V just means it allows 3000+ can operate in 1.8G by setting as 1.35V.
The other specs are similar to 1.4V 3000+.
Over default clock is OC, depending on your luck.
Customer¡¦s desire is getting bigger as some special OC CPU launched¡K

windwithme 25th June 2005 02:53

300x9 2.7g 1.36v

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